Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Monday, November 16, 2009

EVP "To Kill"

Please pause the music player before listening to this EVP. In this video clip I put some pics of some of our investigations and a EVP (electronic voice phenomena) my sister caught in a apartment next to an old cemetery, where there is reported paranormal activity. I have it playing twice on this video. This was my apartment, in the bedrooms in back the only windows in the rooms were overlooking the cemetery at times you could catch a glimpse of shadows and even unexplained voices. I was not the only one whom had these experiences. One time, at about three in the morning , me and my husband awoke to our son screaming on top of his lungs standing in the bedroom doorway down the hall (the room where this EVP was picked up) and the electric fire alarm was buzzing so loud I thought for sure the neighbors would wake up. My husband had to disconnect the fire alarm to get it to turn off. My son said the noise scared him and he thought people were in his room, needless to say he stopped sleeping in that room ,by himself anyways. Note the pic of the woman ghost by the tombstone is a fake we found it on the net thought it was neat.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hauntings are they real or human imagination?

 I ask myself everyday are ghosts real ,even though I have seen a few in my life time. I believe we question our own judgement in life when it comes to the paranormal. Some people will make you feel dumb for even suggesting you may have encountered a spirit. So we put our feelings aside and thoughts of events in the back of our minds and try to forget the strange and unusual. My mission is to get the proof needed to convince a lot of people there is life after death. It's not unusual that most of your believers in the paranormal are religious , they believe in life after death and believe in a higher power such as Christ. They all so believe that communication with the dead is a sin. I however have a defence I don't believe every spirit I see is whom they appear to be, such as my great aunt or grandpa I would like to believe that this is them but you never know unless you get in too deep.

I hope many of you out there will share your stories of experience with hauntings. Maybe we can share info. and help each other understand better ways to capture video or evps (electronic voice phenomena). I run a small group of ghost hunters. We don't promise results as far as ridding bad spirits but we will do what we can to help. We hunt in local cemeteries and old houses. I yet to post some video it will be soon ( as with permission and better weather for our hunts) keep an eye out for the back fortys ghost hunts!! And remember the mind is a very large place trapped in a very small frame, nothing is impossible.