Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thompson Mausoleum Phantom Driver!

 I discovered this paranormal experience today on Fathers day 2012. In the Toulon Illinois Cemetery there is a small personal mausoleum that has the word Thompson across the top and is covered in vines, mostly that of ,POISON IVY!
 I was going to name this phantom driver poison ivy but decided give it the name it deserves ...the name above the door to this two vaulted mausoleum, THOMPSON. There is just two vaults and an urn in this small stained glass windowed crypt. You can not go in of course, but it is very mysterious coming upon it.
 If you come towards it from the back of the cemetery where the wooded creak is and stop just before the door of it that faces the driven path and just stop leaving your car in drive going UPHILL I must add, your car will just idle , but then when you ask to speak to the man that wears very dark cloths and has a white collar and white arm cuffs

 the car will give it's self gas, and then if you ask about the little girl that I have seen in there looking out, the car will literally take off without you putting on the gas or anything and go faster as you talk to the spirit asking it who he is and so on. I asked it to stop driving and it FREAKING did! Then I said oh ok you can drive and it went faster, I am so happy to have this evidence.
 It was so FREAKING AWESOME!!! We did it four times and got the same affect , then we tried it at another location to only go backwards a bit and just idle in one spot. There was no freaking way our crappy little car went uphill with out me pushing on that gas pedal ..BUT IT DID and we could hear it give it's self gas . I have a video but of course you can't really tell if I am or not so I am going to go make a better video this week I am very pleased with this weeks BACK 40's GHOST HUNT! The video I put on here is a bit crappy but I did NOT push that gas at all.