Friday, May 11, 2012

Look A Haunted House!

 So when you hear haunted house you are probably thinking of either a huge, old ,mansion, palace type, or a run down crappy , condemned country house. But most may not even realize, that most houses that are know for being haunted are simply beautiful and well kept. How many times, I ,have driven past an old run down house and found myself saying, "Oh I bet ya that's haunted"...sure it is, as most my readers know I believe that ALL houses are haunted even newly built ones, simply because the land on which it was built was there a long time before the house or any of us. But actively haunted means the spirits let ya know they are their others just carry on and you will never notice them.

           Your Average family home right? Well this home has a reported poltergeist.

 Nice big home , perfect for a family but it is a VERY haunted home 1305 Albemarle was once one of the most beautiful homes among the many gorgeous offerings in Ditmas Park.

                                                       Haunted, no one stays here long, it is said it is always for sale

 No one can know by just a glimpse how haunted or actively haunted a home is. I would love to buy one of these homes just to get proof that hauntings are very real.


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