Friday, July 18, 2014


  Today me and my teen fellow ghost hunters had good laughs. Isaiah got a real scare in a basement, said he seen a face from a creepy room and ran up the stairs with the rest of the crew. I never get mad at someone for running away in fear ,in fact I was not apart of this investigation I was upstairs but heard them yelling GO! GO!. I took some of the women to a local cemetery to show them some very old head stones and use a spirit box, it said "I hate this shit", we couldn't help but bust out laughing. The spirit box then said "WHORE" and Bell was like WTF! I just laughed . I feel laughter is a great way to relieve stress and fight fear. Hey even spirits can have a scene of humor. So I just sit here blogging thinking (yeah that's a pic of me thinking above) and hoping we get some good footage of paranormal activity this week as my vacation from work ends next Friday. I have tons of pics and video to check out and will post soon this weekend. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Haunting We Will Go


 Do spirits choose to haunt places or people or attach themselves to objects? Good question as we will never be 100% sure on any of this we have to ask our self one question, do spirits have free will?
  I trust we have choices to make in life so why wouldn't we in death. I do believe there are demons , I mean why not, if there are good people and bad people in the world why wouldn't there be good and bad spirits. I don't think all spirits were once human as we can be sure angels are not made in the image of man as we were made in the image of God and that is what pissed Satan off and how we got the "Devil". He was mad God made man in his image and was cast down to be hell bond right?

 I don't claim to have any paranormal gifts or powers, I don't sit around having conversations with the dead, but once in a while I will feel the presence of someone past away, I will say hello and remember a time or place we shared and think maybe that is them letting me know they still exist. Sorry but when cupboard doors open and things fall off counters I don't blame science I blame ghosts.  I believe ghosts choose where to be or even go from one place to the other but I have no evidence or clue how. I would like to think they think it and are there .

 But do spirits fear judgment and not cross over? Is this why we have so many hauntings on earth? When a person is haunted in a very scary way I believe it is a bad persons spirit or a demon, but usually hauntings are not threatening at all. I believe they choose but some have no choice because they are stuck because of well like on Casper they have unfinished business and fear judgement and won't cross over.

 I know I will die and kind of fear the process of it as I have seen death regularly in my field of work. It dose scare me to be killed tragically or from illness suffering and my family having to watch it, but I can't stop it so I must except it just as I excepted the pain that would come from child birth I have to do it.  But if I am given a choice of staying or crossing over I do believe I'd cross over because I wouldn't want to watch my children go through the grieving process or see my husband move on with another woman because I am the jealous type, I think I'd turn into a mean ol ghost and kick his ass and break shit over her head. I laugh about it but  maybe this is why some ghosts get angry and cause needs for exorcisms to houses and families to move away, maybe they were once a part of that family and are really pissed off and feel left out. I don't know but I hope when I have to die I can find my loved ones on other side and go to Heaven and let go of earthly things.

 I work as a CNA and love the people I help with daily routines. They tell us not to get close to our residents or patients but it is impossible they are people not cattle, I love most of them and have friendships with a lot of them. They mean as much to me as my family members and when they die I get upset. I don't start balling or anything but when I get home at night and am lying in my bed I shed a tear or so. It is sad when people die even more sad when they are young. I try to love like there is no tomorrow and be kind so when I die I am remembered for kindness not bitterness.

 In my work building we as in a lot of see a shadow person disappearing down the halls or going into the room, I can't even count how many times I have ran down my assigned hall because I seen someone walking into a room but there was no one there and my resident is a sleep or unable to walk at all. A nurse told me that it means death is coming. She was right because when I or anyone else sees it death comes within three days. It is paranormal as it is unexplained but simple to understand, death is coming, it always is. And if lots of people see a ghost or a shadow figure then it is real, not a crazy old broad seeing shit. haha. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thompson Ghost

 This is a zoom of the Thompson Mausoleum Ghost  from the Toulon Illinois cemetery, it is a man with a dark suit and white collar and cuffs, it seems he has a mustache and is an older gentleman, he has a priest look to him.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are going!

I have been here and it is FREAKY!

Some Types of Ghosts....

The word poltergeist comes from the German words poltern ("to make noise") and Geist ("ghost"), and the term itself literally means "noisy ghost".
  Most reports of poltergeist manifestations involve noises and destruction that have no immediate or verifiable cause. Situations include inanimate objects being picked up and thrown; noises such as knocking, rapping, or even human voices.
 Poltergeist are also known to hurt humans but is a very rare occurrence.
 To my friend that spoke of some things going on in her house ;)....  I trust this is what your dealing with. And ignoring it is the best thing in fact showing it attention may make it more active then again it could be a deceased person wanting prayers to be released we never really know but theory's are many and make scene. This may help a bit to understand it:

The key here is the word "manifest": souls of the departed come to us in many ways, especially in dreams. They try to remind us. They seek our help -- and later they help us. But we have to be careful. Moreover, we have to be careful because demons can mimic the dead in order to gain entry. Many are the "haunted" homes that are actually plagued by evil.

Thus, if we have a manifestation, the first thing we should do is use Holy Water and Blessed Salt or whatever means of a ceremony to do with GOD, and cast out any potential evil with fervent prayer. We do this not as an exorcism (which should only be handled by a priest), but as a deliverance -- and only in the Name of Christ. If that doesn't work, we should have a Mass said in the home, and especially for any deceased who may be connected with the disturbance. While we do not have the authority to cast out a purgatorial soul (as we do a demon), our praying for them often causes their release. There may indeed be souls who haunt places because they are trying to get prayers and also those who died traumatically or are obsessed with a former residence or some other aspect of material existence.
The month of November is set aside as the month to pray for the dead, and we urge this. We urge it especially for those who have died recently, or those who we have seen in dreams; for those who may have no one else to pray for them. If you do this you'll find joy and often release in your own life! And if there is a disturbance -- if there is such a thing.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thompson Mausoleum Phantom Driver!

 I discovered this paranormal experience today on Fathers day 2012. In the Toulon Illinois Cemetery there is a small personal mausoleum that has the word Thompson across the top and is covered in vines, mostly that of ,POISON IVY!
 I was going to name this phantom driver poison ivy but decided give it the name it deserves ...the name above the door to this two vaulted mausoleum, THOMPSON. There is just two vaults and an urn in this small stained glass windowed crypt. You can not go in of course, but it is very mysterious coming upon it.
 If you come towards it from the back of the cemetery where the wooded creak is and stop just before the door of it that faces the driven path and just stop leaving your car in drive going UPHILL I must add, your car will just idle , but then when you ask to speak to the man that wears very dark cloths and has a white collar and white arm cuffs

 the car will give it's self gas, and then if you ask about the little girl that I have seen in there looking out, the car will literally take off without you putting on the gas or anything and go faster as you talk to the spirit asking it who he is and so on. I asked it to stop driving and it FREAKING did! Then I said oh ok you can drive and it went faster, I am so happy to have this evidence.
 It was so FREAKING AWESOME!!! We did it four times and got the same affect , then we tried it at another location to only go backwards a bit and just idle in one spot. There was no freaking way our crappy little car went uphill with out me pushing on that gas pedal ..BUT IT DID and we could hear it give it's self gas . I have a video but of course you can't really tell if I am or not so I am going to go make a better video this week I am very pleased with this weeks BACK 40's GHOST HUNT! The video I put on here is a bit crappy but I did NOT push that gas at all.