Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scary or Not

 I have always had a infatuation with hauntings and the paranormal . I take you into my bedroom when I was about 14 years old maybe older. I had fallen asleep and awoken to something standing in the corner of my room right beside my bed about two feet away, I was face to face with this troll looking cloaked being, it seemed to have brown skin the nose was huge and ugly and the eyes I will never forget the eyes glowing a clearish white but not like in the movies like that on a cat in the dark. I swung at this maybe three foot figure of a short troll, as it vanished I felt it's cloak touch my fist. It was real to me I was awake at this time and wondering what I should I do and was afraid to tell. I was always made fun of or ridiculed for my paranormal experiences.

Most hauntings are not scary at all, they usually go unnoticed. I however am a ware of my surroundings and allow myself to feel the energy of a place or room . I have felt many spirits about me and we are not alone by no means. There is so much more that meets the eye then an old ghost tale around a camp fire. I have seen and felt spirits in the sunshine of day. Sure as there are dark hauntings that will scare the shit of you there are not so scary hauntings and it is a haunting I believe that happens everyday all day. Weather we know it or not the spirit is there.

 Try this out go to a graveyard and walk around a bit reading the stones touching them and feeling the sunshine and wind and then stop and listen , soon you will hear the whispering the voices of many whom you can't see but can hear as if they were there. I have actual done this and not on purpose ; I was laying in my bed and began to hear a conversation amongst  a few people that were not in our home, it came from the stairs beside my bedroom , no one was there, and to my surprise later on my children said someone was talking and then my husband stopped in front of the stairs and said who is it one night ,and said he heard people talking. One night after we all were in bed asleep we awoke to our dog barked viciously at the stairs and no one there of course. I am sure there is a bigger story and I intend to find out what it is.

 As far as people thinking your crazy for talking about hauntings and or anything else of the paranormal , I simply say I find it strange people don't talk about it more being most of us go to a church where they preach about life after death and God and the devil. I mean after all they couldn't fit everything there is to know out there in one book right? There is so much more to it and I trust the Lord has given us a brain to find it and search for it. The truth that is.  ~DJ~

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