Friday, July 18, 2014


  Today me and my teen fellow ghost hunters had good laughs. Isaiah got a real scare in a basement, said he seen a face from a creepy room and ran up the stairs with the rest of the crew. I never get mad at someone for running away in fear ,in fact I was not apart of this investigation I was upstairs but heard them yelling GO! GO!. I took some of the women to a local cemetery to show them some very old head stones and use a spirit box, it said "I hate this shit", we couldn't help but bust out laughing. The spirit box then said "WHORE" and Bell was like WTF! I just laughed . I feel laughter is a great way to relieve stress and fight fear. Hey even spirits can have a scene of humor. So I just sit here blogging thinking (yeah that's a pic of me thinking above) and hoping we get some good footage of paranormal activity this week as my vacation from work ends next Friday. I have tons of pics and video to check out and will post soon this weekend. 

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