Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ghost or demon



   Most people will either pretend they don't EVER think about what happens to the human soul after death or  act like they know for sure, and say you are of the devil if you say you believe there are ghosts. I believe that most ghosts we see are demons, fallen angels as I believe that aliens are demons as well or even angels. It even says in the Bible that we were made different than angels.This is why the Bible says don't talk to the dead, hello because you can it says this because demons can pretend to be someone you loved and looked up to , but the Bible also says test the spirit to see if it is of God, so yes it is possible, sometimes you have to face it. Ignoring some hauntings will only make things worse because the more you ignore them the more pissed they get when they desperately are trying to communicate, if it is evil you will know.

   No one knows for sure with out a shadow of doubt what we truly become after death. I do believe that it is possible for the human spirit to come around and be seen as well. I don't believe the human spirit is a mist of vapors or what we see in horror films, I truly think that spirits can manipulate themselves to look as they did when they were in human flesh form. I feel that when your doing your daily routine then all the sudden you think of something that happened in your life with a person crossed over that this is them giving you that feeling and somehow manipulated your energy field. I know when something is around I can feel it, it's like you can feel the spirits personality and if it scares you badly then it is most likely evil, if it makes you feel loved and or remember a time and place in your life it is most likely a deceased loved one checking in.

  Not all people see ghosts. Some people don't even believe in them.  They say that if someone dies a sudden death,  murdered, or loves the home they lived in they will remain there. They don't know they are dead. I don't know about not knowing they are dead they would have to and they may be realy pissed and unwilling to cross over .There are many things in this world us humans don't understand and perhaps we aren't meant to understand . Some see ghosts while others simply feel their presents or, the ghost may move things around that person. A plate may go flying across the room or lights will go off and on . I have no answer, but I do know if our mind can hold a galaxy or ocean then who is to say it's not capable of greater things we just can't understand.

  I have too many loved ones whom have crossed over and will never except they are gone forever not when I can feel their personality around me at times.

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