Thursday, October 6, 2011



 The gateway to the physical and spirit realms is known as vortex. This can be present in homes and we may not be aware of it. 
  Seasoned psychics and mediums can point out where they are located; especially in houses or flats where paranormal activity is extremely high.

  These vortexes are known to be present on lands or houses where people have played with the Ouija board.  Users do it for a kick and then open the unknown portal through which dark forces come out and encourage other lower hellish level souls to come in freely. Then they play havoc with the people residing there. But not all souls are of a hellish realm some are of God and do have a message for the living.

   Mirrors are also known to be gateways to the other side and can work both ways from either sides provided one knows how to channel it correctly and then close it. 

Vortexes  exist , we cannot see them with our naked eye. Some paranormal researchers class vortex along with orbs as manifestations of spirits. Vortexes can sometimes appear as anomalous whirlwind shaped objects on photographs taken in many active areas of HAUNTED places.

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