Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cemetery's are Haunted

 Some would say,"No ghost will stick around it's tomb", but I disagree; in fact most supernatural footage is gathered at cemetery's. I believe spirits that stick around and don't cross over, sometimes stay at there tomb, perhaps they don't know how to travel or even know where their living loved ones are ,maybe they even mourn their own death and are waiting to reunite with their body.  Perhaps their loved ones come to the grave and grieve and they wait for them because they feel guilt for dying and leaving them to mourn. All I know is that to me cemetery's are the most haunted places on earth. If you are a new ghost hunter or investigator my bet is you will catch evidence to support your haunting claims at a cemetery before you will a residence.

What it all comes down to do actually believe there are ghosts? All I can say is that if you let life happen and feel the energy around you will you will feel that they have not left us they still are real and exist. If your lucky you will hear them as I have. It is a bit creapy at first but would you fear your loved one if they were living? NO then why fear them in death? Be open minded and ready to receive anything spiritual , don't worry about evil shit possessing you , if your a good person and not into gutting puppies I am sure you will be fine. After all evil can't have what's God's.

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